3 simple secrets of side writing hustles

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Side hustles are all the rage because of the economy and the extra hours each day that working from home affords us. I’ve had more than a few during my professional career, such as technical reviewing computer books to technical writing to writing articles for publication.

Here are three secrets:

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Some of my content development goals for 2019

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As 2018 comes to a close, I’ve begun to start thinking about some content goals for the next year. My intent has always been to have the right mix of personal and professional writing projects to keep me busy. While my day job has been quite demanding the past few months, my freelance writing projects not so much, I’ve been looking forward so I can kick off writing in 2019 on a positive foot.

Here are a few of my content development goals for 2019:

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Learning new software: A personal retrospective


When I was in college, I took an on-campus job in my college’s computer lab that I still consider to this day to be a very formative experience. The director of the computer lab helped me discover the technology chops that I still carry me to this day. He had a penchant for scouting student employees from non-technical and liberal arts areas of study like English, Education, and Psychology. He is one of the only people in my academic and professional past I call a mentor. When I found a home working with technology, I gave up my goal of becoming a journalist for becoming a technical writer. College was tough because of my dyslexia, but my job in the computer lab charted a new course for me that I am still following today.

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Simple guidelines for running technical document reviews remotely

With some clear expectations and a little planning upfront, running remote writing and document review projects can go smoothlyHere are some lessons I learned when I was a freelancer about running remote writing and editing projects:

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