Some of my content development goals for 2019

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As 2018 comes to a close, I’ve begun to start thinking about some content goals for the next year. My intent has always been to have the right mix of personal and professional writing projects to keep me busy. While my day job has been quite demanding the past few months, my freelance writing projects not so much, I’ve been looking forward so I can kick off writing in 2019 on a positive foot.

Here are a few of my content development goals for 2019:

Write a short video script

My current job has me focusing on marketing collateral and white papers. I also write bylined articles and blog posts. Prior to that, I worked in more traditional technical writer roles writing user, operations, and developer documentation.

I took a screenwriting class a few years ago because it was a craft I always wanted to learn. Unfortunately, I found the instructor a bit too egotistical and I thought his attitude got in the way of learning because he didn’t offer an inviting learning environment. After that experience, I shelved my script writing desires. I’m thinking it’s time to revisit this writing format in 2019.

Pitch more articles

When I stopped freelancing for TechRepublic in 2015, I got off an article a week cadence after feeling I did everything I wanted to do while a freelancer for them. It was bittersweet to leave but I didn’t want to stay too late at the party.

I returned to a steadier publishing cadence when I began writing for Mobile Business Insights. However, they ceased publishing last July. Maybe my eye was off the ball because I was also working a full-time position and had a busy life but I was caught flat-footed by losing such a steady freelance client.

Consequently, I got away from pitching new article ideas and I’m sure nearly falling off the tech publishing radar (yet again) isn’t helping my standing either. I have a goal in 2019 of pitching articles on a more regular basis.

Read more professionally

I’m fortunate to work with some of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with in my career. Beyond that, I try to make the IDG TECHtalk tweet chats where I get to discuss hot tech industry topics with smart people. Put them both together and it drives me to stay informed. I want to read more about AI, machine learning, and blockchain in 2019 to keep pace with the rest of the cool kids.

Find a happy balance for my personal writing

I’m usually not home from work and the gym until around 7 pm. Even then I may have an article or blog post I’m writing for publication or I need to get review a document for work. Such a schedule makes it hard to write for me whether it’s for the blog you are reading right now. Medium, or for LinkedIn.

I crossed 100 articles on LinkedIn during 2018 for no better reason it was a personal goal I set. Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m happy with the LinkedIn Publishing Platform so I’m not sure how LinkedIn will fit into my 2019 personal publishing plans.

2019 for my writing

Other than these goals and a few others, I hope to explore more tools and apps such as Word add-ins that can help me improve the quality of my writing since I spend so much of my time working solo. It would also be nice to find a writing class to take but most of the ones I see that aren’t online are held in downtown DC, a rough commute via metro even on a good day.

Do you have any content development goals for 2019?


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