3 simple secrets of side writing hustles

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Side hustles are all the rage because of the economy and the extra hours each day that working from home affords us. I’ve had more than a few during my professional career, such as technical reviewing computer books to technical writing to writing articles for publication.

Here are three secrets:

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7 things I’ve come to peace with as a content creator

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I’ve spent my career as a content creator, starting as a technical writer, then as a freelancer, and currently in marketing. Time has given me a thick skin, lessons learned, and the ability to separate my passion for writing from the realities of corporate America.

Here are some things I’ve come to peace with during my career as a content creator:

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4 reasons why Johnny can’t create messaging

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After years of writing about technology, hearing vendor pitches, and interviewing for marketing jobs, I’ve come to see that there’s a problem with product messaging in the IT industry. The roots of it seem to run quite deep in the industry.

Here are five reasons why companies have problems with messaging:

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7 tips for creating content under pandemic stress

Creating content – writing in particular – can be a very solitary pursuit. Even so, the isolation of the pandemic adds an additional layer of stress and anxiety because of personal and professional pressures that the creator, reviewers, and designers might be under.

Here are some tips to help if you’re feeling a bit more strain creating content during the pandemic:

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