7 tips for creating content under pandemic stress

Creating content – writing in particular – can be a very solitary pursuit. Even so, the isolation of the pandemic adds an additional layer of stress and anxiety because of personal and professional pressures that the creator, reviewers, and designers might be under.

Here are some tips to help if you’re feeling a bit more strain creating content during the pandemic:

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I want a do-over for the start of summer 2020

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

My headline says it all. I want a do-over for my start of summer 2020. It’s Memorial Day weekend. I took today off and spent the morning reading and spent some time on some personal writing projects in the afternoon that seem to always get blown off for billable work.

Here’s the rest of my Friday in review:

  • I slept in a bit late this morning because I had the day off from work.
  • My morning was spent on the couch reading for myself.
  • I snuck in some binge-watching of the season 3 of HBO’s West World.
  • Writing for myself felt good and I wish I could do it more often.

It’s not the start of the summer that I would like, but I’m rolling with the punches. Fortunately, I can also write for relaxation, which is what I’ll do this long weekend to pass the time.

How was your Friday?