Writing topics I hope to tackle in 2019

I had a nice week off between Christmas and New Years. Too often in the past, I’d forget to slow down for a couple of days to catch my breath, reflect,, and make plans for the next year. One thing I thought about was what writing topics I want to tackle in 2019. Here are… Continue reading Writing topics I hope to tackle in 2019

Moving your team from email inboxes to online collaboration

There is a dizzying array of online collaboration applications available today. Even in 2017, you still have to write your own migration plan to move your team from email inboxes to an online collaboration platform. A proper collaboration platform migration is agnostic — these tips can apply to most any cloud or on-premise collaboration

Creating the collaborative corporate culture

Technology pundits, consultants, and academics often see the latest online technologies, millennials, and work/life Balance are what drives online collaboration. It takes more than just one of those trends to drive collaboration. It’s about the total culture of so I’ve found during my time as a contract technical writer.   Corporate culture has to promote… Continue reading Creating the collaborative corporate culture