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I had a nice week off between Christmas and New Years. Too often in the past, I’d forget to slow down for a couple of days to catch my breath, reflect,, and make plans for the next year. One thing I thought about was what writing topics I want to tackle in 2019.

Here are some writing topics that have my attention going into the new year.


I had a chance to do some writing about DevOps in 2018 for DevOps Agenda and later for SearchITOperations and plan to continue writing more on the subject in 2019. DevOps and compliance was a big focus for me this year. This year, I hope to find some other unique DevOps intersections to write about.

Artificial intelligence

Top of my list of writing topics I want to deliver into in 2019 has to be artificial intelligence (AI). I got to do some writing on it in 2018, but I want to explore the impact of AI on DevOps and enterprise collaboration even further. There’s also the prospect of how AI will revolutionize cloud management and security that’s got me thinking lately.

Cloud economics

Being able to speak to the intersection of money (costs) and technology is power in the cloud computing world. In 2019 — despite the math skills of an English major — I hope to write about cloud economics because so many people in the commercial and public sectors are still struggling with the subject.

Enterprise mobility

So much of my writing life since 2012 has been about enterprise mobility — mobility management, mobile security, BYOD and related topics — until last July when Mobile Business Insights ceased publication. While I convinced myself that I was burnt out on the topic now, I’m ready to come back and write about the topic again with a fresh attitude after having to take a break.

Some enterprise mobility trends I’ve been watching include unified endpoint management (UEM), 5G in the enterprise, AI, and evolving mobile security threats.

Mobility is a topic that’s brought me great joy in the past and really want to return to it at some point in 2019.

Enterprise collaboration & group chat

I want to return to writing about enterprise collaboration and for that matter knowledge management and content management either on this blog, LinkedIn, or Medium. It’s a topic that’s close to me as a technical writer because enterprise collaboration challenges often intertwine with content development challenges.

My Medium posts about Atlassian Confluence and Microsoft Teams rate higher than my other posts also means there’s more on the topic for me to write about in 2019.

Final thoughts

2018 taught me I need to have a better mix of personal and paid writing projects to make me happy as a writer. It’s my hope my thinking around these topics will help me find that right mix this year.

What writing topics are you looking to tackle in 2019?

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