7 tips for creating content under pandemic stress

Creating content – writing in particular – can be a very solitary pursuit. Even so, the isolation of the pandemic adds an additional layer of stress and anxiety because of personal and professional pressures that the creator, reviewers, and designers might be under.

Here are some tips to help if you’re feeling a bit more strain creating content during the pandemic:

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Sunday is still not so fun day when there’s a pandemic on a holiday weekend

Photo by Haidan on Unsplash

It felt odd to take time off from work during the current quarantine, but I’m glad I did. My days off have been moving along fast. Then again, being in quarantine in solitary confinement screws with my concept of time.

Here’s how I spent my Sunday:

  • I watched some Kubernetes training videos on LinkedIn Learning after much procrastination
  • I did some edits on a personal writing project I plan to publish later in the week
  • Watched Dinner with the Gaffigans, a YouTube show I’ve grown to enjoy during the quarantine

Tomorrow is the unofficial start of summer. I’m usually spending this holiday weekend at the pool. My local area shut down right around the time I normally send in my membership fee for the summer. I held off on sending my check. It remains to be seen if my neighborhood pool or any pool in my local area will open at all this summer.

How was your Sunday?

If hump day falls during a pandemic did it really happen?

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

I’ve been wanting to write on this blog a lot more in the past week but haven’t had a chance. My days still bleed together 

Here are some highlights since my last post:

  • I usually spend Mother’s Day visiting my Mom. Taking her out to lunch has long been a tradition since I moved out of my parents’ house. Not so this year. I had to send her a gift card to get curbside service for her Mother’s Day dinner. It’s just her and I left in my direct family so the entire day felt a little bit off.
  • I got a note from the chief editor at opensource.com to celebrate writing over three posts in the last twelve months, which puts me in the Contributor Club. Hopefully, I should be able to get a few more contributions done now since I have some free time coming up.
  • After work naps are sneaking into my daily routine…just saying. There are days that I try to fight it, and other days I just go with it. Today I just went with it.

It’s almost the beginning of summer here in Northern Virginia. Pools should open as Memorial Day is almost upon us. I’m taking a long Memorial Day weekend. My plan is to work on some personal writing projects, read for pleasure, binge watch something on TV, and do some projects around the house. Let’s see how many times I lament not being poolside.

How was your Wednesday?