It’s another Sunday not so fun day

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Sunday is not so fun of a day when you’re in self-isolation because of COVID-19 I’ve come to see. At least, I woke up this morning and knew it was Sunday.

Here’s how I spent another Sunday, not so fun day:

  • I got caught up on some work for my day job that I didn’t get done on Friday before I clocked out.
  • I cooked fajitas after being able to piece together the ingredients. The food supply chain appears to be improving in Northern Virginia though I seem to have eat off-brand (successfully for the most part) compared to what I would buy during normal times.
  • I baked orange cranberry muffins (from a box) after not baking anything for eons.

I’m growing a pandemic beard as a personal project. While it’s growing in evenly, it’s showing a lot of gray hair. No worries because I wear a mask when I do go out now. I’ll probably shave it off when life gets back to normal or maybe not depending on how it turns out.

Did you find any fun on your pandemic Sunday?

Self-isolation status report: Finding a new pace

Photo by Mr.Autthaporn Pradidpong on Unsplash

As week 5 of self-isolation trudges on, I’m finding a new pace to get work done and to keep moving forward. Last night, I mustered up the motivation to work out with my new kettlebells and plan to up my exercise game yet again today.

Here’s what else I have going on:

  • I won the jackpot last night and was to get an Amazon Prime Fresh delivery through, which made me feel good.
  • I’m still washing my hands…a lot.
  • I’m trying to get better at eating again after the first few weeks of shutdown.
  • I did the author review on my latest article for which should be live soon. There should be another article following up right after that one.
  • My hope at the start of the current shutdown was to get some personal writing projects done and published and I’m moving forward on that plan. I’m still not happy with publishing articles on LinkedIn. In fact, so unhappy that I’m experimenting by publishing the same article to Medium (since it now supports canonical links).
  • I sent out some pitches to new markets and keeping my fingers crossed I can find some extra work.

Tonight, the plan includes getting back to writing for an upcoming TechTarget article and spending more time with my kettlebells.

How goes your self-isolation?

Week 4 of self-isolation down. How many more to go?

Photo by Annie Jiao on Unsplash

Well, it’s the end of week 4 of my self-isolation. Time doesn’t fly. Then again, this is a marathon, not a sprint. In fact, I was caught surprised that today is Good Friday and that Sunday is Easter. Except for the crab cakes in my freezer from the Crab Cake Factory, I’m rather blah on the holiday.

Here’s how I’ve been passing the time:

  • Working my usual job with the usual document reviews and con calls
  • Spending some time on cybersecurity topics which is always a good thing
  • Writing up and sending out some new pitches to send to other markets
  • Boning up on my Kubernetes for the sake of learning
  • Considering writing another article for

This weekend I’m continuing work on some projects in my basement. Beyond that, I plan to work out with my new kettlebells. It’s also time to start my next TechTarget article.

Hello, week 4 of self-isolation it’s me, Will

Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

I’m midway into week 4 of self-isolation. While I’m falling into more of a routine, I can’t say I’m having fun. I’ve been comfortable being alone, but this form of social isolation is at a new level.

Here’s how I’ve spent the last few days:

  • Remaining thankful that I have a job and career that enables me to work from home
  • Turned around some document reviews back to their authors as part of the day job
  • Submitted two articles (not about DevOps)  to that should hopefully be online during the next week or so 
  • Spent a lot of time washing my hands
  • Preparing to write a new TechTarget article which should keep me busy

I know I’ll come through the other side of this whole crisis. I hope that more people and organizations use the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath as a catalyst for positive change to improve their lot in the world.

How is your self-isolation going?

Self-isolation Sunday not so fun day

Photo by Metin Ozer on Unsplash

So it’s Sunday (or so my iPhone tells me) and my days continue to bleed together. I’ve come up with a weekend schedule where I work on house projects in the morning and then pursue personal writing projects and reading in the afternoons and evenings.

Here’s how I spent my Sunday:

  • I stayed up late last night to finish reading Whistleblower by Susan Fowler
  • I continued working on my basement so I can begin sorting through a large collection of print books I own
  • Reorganized my pandemic food and supplies so I know what I have and can avoid a grocery store trip this week and hopefully next as experts expect things to take a turn in my area.
  • Picked up my pace on some personal writing work

Tomorrow, begins week 4 of social isolation. Let’s hope life gets back to normal before too long?

How did you spend your self-isolation Sunday?