Hello, week 4 of self-isolation it’s me, Will

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Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

I’m midway into week 4 of self-isolation. While I’m falling into more of a routine, I can’t say I’m having fun. I’ve been comfortable being alone, but this form of social isolation is at a new level.

Here’s how I’ve spent the last few days:

  • Remaining thankful that I have a job and career that enables me to work from home
  • Turned around some document reviews back to their authors as part of the day job
  • Submitted two articles (not about DevOps)  to Opensource.com that should hopefully be online during the next week or so 
  • Spent a lot of time washing my hands
  • Preparing to write a new TechTarget article which should keep me busy

I know I’ll come through the other side of this whole crisis. I hope that more people and organizations use the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath as a catalyst for positive change to improve their lot in the world.

How is your self-isolation going?

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