Changing up my personal web presence

I spent the better part of my adult working life with the job title of technical writer (or some variation). I spent much of that time as a freelancer and contractor. To keep pace with technology, I became an inveterate tinkerer,, so I kept a large web presence beyond my LinkedIn profile and website.

It’s finally time for me to change up my personal web presence:

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Hey there, phase 2 I see you

Photo by Alex Lamb on Unsplash

My local area enters phase 2 of reopening tomorrow which feels good. It’ll feel good to go back to my gym and be able to get out more. 

While my job will remain primarily home-based, it’ll be nice to go out to lunch and to get a long-overdue haircut. It also means I’m going on vacation later this summer and be able to put my feet in the sand, eat crabcakes, and repeat.

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7 lessons and reminders from my self-isolation during the pandemic

Photo by Tim Motivv on Unsplash

I’ve had plenty of time to think during my solitary confinement at home due to COVID-19. While my work as a writer means a lot of alone time the current situation is unlike any other work from home experience from during my career. I hope to use this crisis as a catalyst for positive change for me. I want to come away from this experience with something positive to show for it.

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