Photo by Kevin Lee on Unsplash

I slept in too late on Sunday morning. Then I went onto have a very productive day. That all came back to bite me in the a** when I could barely sleep last night. Happy Monday to me! So I was dragging most of the day.

Here are some highlights from my last few days:

  • I’ve been able to help my elderly mother at a distance. Thanks to Amazon I could score her toilet paper, paper towels, and surgical masks. 
  • I’m looking forward to taking a long weekend for Memorial Day. This is a short work week for me. Next week is an even shorter workweek for me. While it sucks to not being able to go to the pool, I’m looking forward to taking a break.
  • I worked on a big presentation for work along with other members of my team that takes place this week.
  • I worked on some upcoming TechTarget articles due over the next two weeks.

My only focus right now is to work through the week so I can cool my jets for a few days. I hope to catch up on my personal and professional reading while maybe binge-watching the latest season of West World.

How was your day?

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