Another MonTueWednesday: in self-isolation

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

I woke up last Sunday morning and thought it was Monday morning. Yesterday morning felt the same as it did the day before. My days are definitely bleeding together. I keep trying to pace myself through this shutdown.

Here’s a rundown of the last few days:

  • I’m writing two new articles for TechTarget which are welcome distractions during the evening for me.
  • I moved forward on doing some much-needed work on the outside of my house. Now I just have to find a reliable contractor that’s still working.
  • Getting back to exercising hasn’t been a lot of fun but I’m determined to do it. Otherwise, I will really suffer when my gym opens up.
  • I have another article going live on

My job is going along business as usual and I continue to be thankful for that. Yet I’m keeping my eyes wide open because I work of all the furloughs and layoffs taking place because of COVID-19.

How are you doing?

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