Personal publishing during a pandemic

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All the extra time the coronavirus pandemic is affording me is pushing me to write for myself more. Between my day job and writing for TechTarget, personal writing is the first thing I push aside. I have an ever-growing list of post ideas but rarely have the time to follow through.

At the top of my mind is that I wish I was a faster writer when it came to personal writing projects. I refer to myself as a slow-fast writer because I iterate when I write. My writing speed is something I’ve contemplated in the past so I could make the best use of my personal writing time. I still don’t have an answer yet.

I was hoping to publish more to LinkedIn, but I doubt their publishing system even further. My publishing results for original content through the LinkedIn article feature are even more disappointing than when I stopped publishing to the platform last summer. When I link to an article, I write on TechTarget,, Medium, or another site the views always exceed articles I publish on the LinkedIn publishing platform directly. Maybe I just don’t get how to make their algorithm work for me?

My current compromise is to republish any articles I publish on LinkedIn to my Medium account and set a canonical link.

Writing on this blog is happening with a newfound regularity. I realized early on to keep anything I write about working from home during self-isolation because of the COVID-19 pandemic be quick reads of around 200 words each.

How has the current crisis affected your personal publishing?

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