It’s hump day: Coronavirus edition

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Photo by Reymark Franke on Unsplash

So it’s midway through week 2 and the fun continues. I came to peace years ago that I have a very solitary job as a technical writer. Even when working on teams, I work as an individual contributor. I’ve even had long term writing clients to whom I’ve never spoken with over the phone much less face-to-face. 

Here are some ways I’m amusing myself:

  • Made a resupply run to my local Whole Foods that was a win except for no chicken breasts
  • Doing my day job.
  • Washing my hands…a lot!
  • Cleaning my house a lot more than I regularly do so my kitchen is sparkling.
  • Working on some personal writing projects that I hope to publish in the next week.
  • Thinking more about how the rapid (let’s call it hasty) scaling up of remote work may have lasting effects on the enterprise collaboration marketplace.

I spoke to a friend yesterday on the phone who was pick up a laptop for his wife so she could work from home. He told me that the store he was running out of laptops. These are the times we live in!

How is your Wednesday going?

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