While covering project management and collaboration topics for CNET TechRepublic, I had the opportunity to write about Asana, a social task management platform. I liked it so much I started using to manage the editorial checklists I create for articles, blog posts, and corporate client projects.

When it comes to project teams, Asana is a viable substitute for email. I even recommend Asana to freelancers and independents who need to centralize their project task management.

For instance, I used to set up an Asana workspace for a client project, and give the client permissions to add, edit, and delete tasks.

Adding a personal projects workspace was a shrewd move by the developers. The feature has been around since 2012 but got my attention when I had cause to start managing some house projects I have underway. Now, I can manage my freelance project editing and personal projects all within the same Asana account.

To manage personal projects in Asana:

  1. Select Personal Projects from the Asana left pane. The Personal Projects workspace appears.
  2. Create a project or projects as you need them for personal projects.
  3. Share the personal project with family members or others who are participating with you.

My Personal Project workspace coexists with workspaces I’ve setup for my article writing and corporate client projects. While I’m a big fan of the Asana iPhone app, the lack of an iPad app keeps me from moving more of my professional task management over to the platform at this time.

Do you manage your personal projects in Asana? Describe your experience in the comments.

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