The 7 deadly sins of project leadership

Project team leadership is an even more important skill in today’s tight economic times making it even more of a shame when new, and even some experienced project leads fumble the ball in the name of their muddled agendas. While doing more with less is quite a mantra these days, there are seven deadly sins… Continue reading The 7 deadly sins of project leadership

6 ways to sabotage your technical documentation

Every job hunt and even unsolicited discussions with recruiters during the past few years brought me more tales of organizations continuing to have issues producing and maintaining technical documentation. It is not isolated in one sector, and I keep hearing the same problems repeatedly. This has been a real disappointment for me over the years… Continue reading 6 ways to sabotage your technical documentation

Using Asana for managing personal projects

While covering project management and collaboration topics for CNET TechRepublic, I had the opportunity to write about Asana, a social task management platform. I liked it so much I started using to manage the editorial checklists I create for articles, blog posts, and corporate client projects. When it comes to project teams, Asana is a… Continue reading Using Asana for managing personal projects

Creating the collaborative corporate culture

Technology pundits, consultants, and academics often see the latest online technologies, millennials, and work/life Balance are what drives online collaboration. It takes more than just one of those trends to drive collaboration. It’s about the total culture of so I’ve found during my time as a contract technical writer.   Corporate culture has to promote… Continue reading Creating the collaborative corporate culture

The power of the project management platform API

Project management is longer about a lone project manager printing out a Gantt chart in a project management office (PMO) war room. It’s about data. Project managers, teams, stakeholders, and even clients can benefit from the data that today’s cloud-based project management platforms generate. This new breed of project management platform means an application programming… Continue reading The power of the project management platform API

Security for mobile project managers

More project managers are turning to cloud-based project management applications with a mobile client app — but security considerations should be top-of-mind. Even Microsoft is putting more energy behind mobile for its Project Online platform. There’s also companies like LiquidPlanner, Mavenlink, and others who have been delivering innovative mobile project management app at speeds that desktop application… Continue reading Security for mobile project managers