Status report: Another week in self-isolation redux

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It’s another week down in social isolation. It’s Saturday. I woke up this morning and continued to work on some projects in my basement. Then I worked out with a kettlebell for a bit. I’m still trying to get more physically active again while my gym remains closed. It could be a while until my local area meets the criteria for the federal government’s three-phase opening up America strategy.

Here’s a current rundown of how I’m spending my self-isolation:

  • I attended a Zoom happy hour today a woman from my gym was throwing. It was good to see and talk to people again. Getting back to the gym will be a happy day.
  • I started reading Stories that Stick by Kindra Hall.
  • I sent out some article pitches about the cloud and DevOps to some publications and hoping for the best in the current media market.
  • My day job has me focusing on cybersecurity content right now which is a wonderful thing.
  • I’m working on two new articles for TechTarget and thankful I have writing as a distraction to the current shutdown situation.

My goals for this week include getting back to reading more about AWS cloud, exercising more, and finishing up some personal writing projects.

How are you holding up?

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