Tuesday of week 3: Self-isolation at 20 paces

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Photo by Mohit Kumar on Unsplash

It’s Tuesday, week 3, of my self isolation. It’s gray and nasty outside but that doesn’t mean a thing because it’s not like I’m going anywhere since my state is under stay at home orders until June 10th.

Here’s what went down today:

  • The usual assortment of work-related calls as a new sprint kicks off.
  • I tried to buy some heavier kettle bells online only to find them sold out at Amazon, Target.com, and Walmart.com.
  • Doing the usual last minutes tweaks and changes to a new TechTarget article that’s due on Friday.

I’ve had two married people I know tell me in recent days how lucky I am to live by myself. My response each time was the grass isn’t always greener. 

How did your Tuesday go?

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