I’m one of those disaffected Evernote users that people talk about after their fall from Unicorn status. I depended on it for years as a freelance writer. It was my tool of choice for capturing my writing research and ideas. I got away from using Evernote. he UI never changed while its management (and fortunes) changed. While I migrated much if not all the information I was storing in Evernote to Microsoft OneNote, I still went with Google Keep for capturing personal project research.

Google Keep has a real consumer app feel at least by my tastes. I appreciate the ability to color code and tag my notes because Google has made the steps so simple. It’s not an app I would use to capture large volumes of information like I once did with Evernote.

The Google Keep integration available through the G Suite Marketplace puts a link to Google Keep in the Google Docs sidebar with just a few clicks. While that’s all and good, I still think Google has to do a better job selling G Suite Marketplace and its apps better to enterprise customers. My experience with G Suite when I was a contractor was that people didn’t know much about it past Google Docs.

I depend on accessing and creating notes via my iPhone and iPad. I judge note-taking mobile apps first before the cloud application itself. The Google Keep iOS app is a simple yet elegant application and the primary way I interact with the application. There’s an Apple Watch app for Google Keep. It’s fine if you’re into those things. While I love my Apple Watch, it’s for tracking my workouts, keeping time, and giving me alerts. I suppose if I used Keep for tracking tasks I might appreciate it more on my watch.

As somebody who still hasn’t forgiven Google for sun-setting Google Wave, I have problems committing to Google Keep as an app. It’s as if I make a big investment of time into Keep I worry Keep will go the way of Google Wave.

How do you use Google Keep?

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