From print books to the Kindle: My evolution

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Print books have always been a source of comfort for me. When I was a child, I was an avid reader right down to the large selection of hardbound classics handed down to me from my grandmother. Reading was also a favorite pastime when I was growing. In college, I was an English major finally sealing my fate with reading and the printed word.

Even when it came to learning new technology, an early mentor of mine showed me the value of taking a hands-on approach and then following up with reading the documentation or a book. This approach has worked for me up to present day and because I eschewed formal computer training classes — for the most part — added a lot more computer books to my personal library and home office.

Considering all of this when I got my first Amazon Kindle, I didn’t think I would take to it as I have. My summer reading list this year was almost 100% on the Kindle, and now that I have an iPad, I use the Kindle app on that as well. Along the way, I’ve sneaked some reading time using the Kindle app on my iPhone. Now I am reconsidering moving forward on an industry certification I need, and print books aren’t playing into the study materials list like I once thought.

E-Readers like the Kindle and the Kindle and iBooks apps on the iPad appeal to me as an early adopter and somebody who needs a little less clutter in their house, so I guess I am the perfect customer for an E-reader

A recent dive into my bookshelves and home office while looking for donations to give to my church’s white elephant sale show me to be a real pack rat when it came to books and they are behind some of the clutter in my house especially my home office.

So the Kindle appeals to me as a reader, early adopter, and somebody trying to cut the clutter.

Are you moving away from print books to the Kindle or another reader?

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