2017: The good and the bad

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I’m happy to see 2017 come to a close. It was a good year for me by and large but certainly ran into my fair share of hassles during the past few months.

The good

  • Worked in a full-time job writing about what I want to be writing about and working with people I truly like, respect, and enjoy working with
  • Embraced the cloud and managed services as writing topics as part of a larger strategy to broaden my body of work past enterprise mobility
  • Dipped my toe back into article writing again after taking a break from it and feeling like I need to do it more in 2018
  • Spent time updating, revising, and editing some old blog posts from my a now offline personal blog and republishing them to Medium and the blog you are currently reading
  • Took a week long vacation where I sat on the beach and did absolutely nothing
  • Spent time reading for leisure including books such as Creativity, Inc, Extreme Ownership, and Make Your Bed
  • Discovered circuit training at the gym

The bad

  • Watched so much manufactured hate and intolerance that I had to declare my Political Atheism
  • Gave up late night talk shows because they became unwatchable due to political drama and blather
  • Procrastinated taking some online training I need to take for my own professional education
  • Ended out the year with some real hassles such as a contractor messing up the front steps to my house and the who issue going to court; the first Thyroid medication that ever worked for me going on backorder and becoming hard to get; and getting rear-ended on my way to work one morning and having to deal with the other insurance company that was sure I was trying to rip them off.

How was your 2017?

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