Celebrating a long Memorial Day weekend: Nobody gets in the pool because there’s a pandemic edition

Photo by Jose Antonio Jiménez Macías on Unsplash

Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of Summer in my area. I celebrate the weekend at my local neighborhood pool. Except for this year because while my pool is ready to open they have not been cleared by the county government to do so.

I’m following through on one of my early plans when my local area went to lockdown, and that’s writing and work my way through this crisis. So this weekend I plan to wrap up some writing for opensource.com and my personal sites where they should go live after the holiday weekend. I also have some work to do on some TechTarget articles. It’s a wonderful thing I enjoy writing about technology so much. It’s also a far cry from my normal plans when I spend the weekend by the pool.

Beyond that, I do plan to lie on my couch, read, and binge-watch something on Netflix or Amazon Prime and take it easy for a day. That’s much easier for me to write than it’s to do for me. I’ve been saving the new season of West World to binge because it’s not a show you can put on in the background as I do for 90% of the TV shows and movies I watch these days,

Summer represents a time for me to slow down so I’m mildly resentful of what COVID-19 might because of my summer vacation. Granted the rational side of me is thankful to still be working and have my health but sitting on the beach is the one time of year I can just sit there and do nothing. While Ocean City, MD is opening up for the summer seasons there’s a lot that can happen between now and August when I normally like to hit the beach.

Reading back through my blog posts I’ve written during the shutdown makes it sound like I don’t have any work-life balance right now and that’s very true.

How are you celebrating your Memorial Day weekend?

Self-isolation status report: The song remains the same

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

My self-isolation because of COVID-19 drags on another week. I hit a hard stop on Easter and didn’t do very much all day. I woke up today feeling more settled and relaxed to meet the new workweek.

Here’s a peek into how things are going for me:

  • I watched Tom Cruise in Cocktail and wonder if I’m regressing into 80s movies and TV for entertainment the longer this shutdown drags on. After all, I did binge watch Spenser for Hire.
  • My days are beginning to bleed together, meaning I’m depending a lot more on reminders on my iPhone and iPad.
  • Easter in isolation for me meant crabcakes from the Crabcake Factory that I ordered online before the shutdown, which was a small bright spot.
  • I want to enjoy cooking more, but ordering from Amazon or Instacart is like playing the slots.

As I keep thinking, this is a marathon, not a sprint…

How are things going for you?