Hey there, phase 2 I see you

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Photo by Alex Lamb on Unsplash

My local area enters phase 2 of reopening tomorrow which feels good. It’ll feel good to go back to my gym and be able to get out more. 

While my job will remain primarily home-based, it’ll be nice to go out to lunch and to get a long-overdue haircut. It also means I’m going on vacation later this summer and be able to put my feet in the sand, eat crabcakes, and repeat.

Some people have faulted me in the past for never being active in the technical writer community. It took the COVID-19 lockdown to change all that. Today, I stepped up to kick off a task for the Good Docs Project. I’ve been impressed with the level of interactions and collaboration amongst the group and want to be part of it.

In other news, I finally had my back deck rebuilt so it’s time to get a new grill, move forward on some other home projects, and decide what’s next for my house.

My hope is a lot of things open up personally and professionally as phase 2 progresses.

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