Friday of Week 3: Grocery shopping in Dystopia

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Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

It’s the end of the third week since my local area has shut down because of the coronavirus. While I’m thankful to have a job and career that lets me work from home I still feel this whole pandemic to be an unnerving experience.

When I was younger, people would call me an introvert. I do miss the regular interpersonal interactions I would have during the day especially when I hit the gym after work.

Here are some highlights of my Friday:

  • I started out the day going on a supply run to a local grocery store. It was my first time wearing a mask and gloves both giving it a bit of a dystopian feel. There were a lot more people wearing masks than my previous supply runs.
  • My usual workday of document reviews and phone calls.
  • I made my TechTarget deadline in the afternoon.
  • I scored big on Amazon and got some disinfectant wipes today.

Going into the weekend, I plan to tackle some overdue house projects and get some of my own writing done.

How is your Friday going?

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