The Tao of audience

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I’ve had some cause to think about the importance of knowing one’s audience as of late due to a sequence of unrelated but very telling events.

Audience is important. Whether you are a writer, editor, salesperson, or anybody who faces external customers on an ongoing basis knowing or not knowing your audience is critical. Dismiss the value of knowing your audience then only trouble can happen. It’s always importantto askk Who am I explaining things for? Is it for me because I don’t have as much of a full grasp on the subject as I am letting on? Or, is it for the end customer to help them perform their job better?
It’s important to remove yourself from this equation because if you have limited knowledge. Just because you don’t understand something it doesn’t necessarily mean the audience isn’t going to understand it.
If you don’t understand your audience your project is doomed to fail…’
Photo by Alexander Ramsey on Unsplash
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