4 ways I use Google Sites

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G Suite powers the email behind willkelly.com. I’ve also written about Google Apps off and on for a while.
Along the way, I’ve started using Google Sites to capture professional information that I want to keep in the cloud but Evernote didn’t seem like the right tool.

1. Style guide

After a brush with health problems a few years ago, I started documenting elements of my technical writing style and use a Google Site to publish that style guide. It’s been a work in progress and I would never open it up to a client at this stage. However, capturing my various stylistic decisions has been helpful especially as a way of double checking my work when I don’t feel so hot.

2. Track job hunt activities

After a layoff in 2012, I started using a Google Site to track my applications and cover letters that I am sending out. Google Sites served the same role every job and contract hunt after that one

3. Template library

I’m a collector of technical documentation templates from way back. A Google Site serves as my private template library.

4. Project wikis

Sure there are better more fully featured wikis available (Hi, MediaWiki and Confluence!). Yet, I like to use Google Sites for project wikis especially for personal projects because of its ease of use.

Keeping it in the cloud

So yeah, I guess you can say I was happy when Google finally gave Google Sites a long overdue update.
How do you use Google Sites?
An earlier version of this post ran on my old personal blog.
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