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One of my favorite Mac applications is FoldingText from HogsBay Software. It’s a text editor with outline formatting you can fold and unfold to see text. While I use Microsoft Word on the Mac or PC for my hardcore writing, my composing process often relies on other tools for outlining and planning my articles and posts. Historically, I’ve only used text editors when I am coding HTML or hacking at JavaScript until I found FoldingText.

Here are three ways I use FoldingText:

  1. Planning my writing schedule forward. I currently use FoldingText to plan some personal writing projects I have on tap for the summer of 2017
  2. Strategic planning. I like using FoldingText when I’m writing about personal and professional plans. The page is clean and I can fold and unfold text under headings. At one time, I wasn’t a fan of distraction free writing but at times now it is just what I need when thinking through something like a professional move.
  3. Article and post outlines. On some of my more complex articles and posts, I start from an outline. FoldingText comes into play a lot more now though it still has a bit further to go to really challenge OmniOutliner on my iPad.

What has been your experience with FoldingText?

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