If hump day falls during a pandemic did it really happen?

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

I’ve been wanting to write on this blog a lot more in the past week but haven’t had a chance. My days still bleed together 

Here are some highlights since my last post:

  • I usually spend Mother’s Day visiting my Mom. Taking her out to lunch has long been a tradition since I moved out of my parents’ house. Not so this year. I had to send her a gift card to get curbside service for her Mother’s Day dinner. It’s just her and I left in my direct family so the entire day felt a little bit off.
  • I got a note from the chief editor at opensource.com to celebrate writing over three posts in the last twelve months, which puts me in the Contributor Club. Hopefully, I should be able to get a few more contributions done now since I have some free time coming up.
  • After work naps are sneaking into my daily routine…just saying. There are days that I try to fight it, and other days I just go with it. Today I just went with it.

It’s almost the beginning of summer here in Northern Virginia. Pools should open as Memorial Day is almost upon us. I’m taking a long Memorial Day weekend. My plan is to work on some personal writing projects, read for pleasure, binge watch something on TV, and do some projects around the house. Let’s see how many times I lament not being poolside.

How was your Wednesday?

Self-isolation: A week in review

Photo by Sarah Kilian on Unsplash

Yet another week in self-isolation has blown by for me. I only wish. While this week dragged on like every other week in lockdown, I saw and felt some noticeable gains in my productivity.

Here are some highlights from the last few days:

  • Exercise became a regular part of my schedule again!
  • I submitted two new articles to TechTarget which is always a wonderful thing.
  • Over the week, I made a lot of progress writing an article about cloud migration for a new market.
  • I sent my elderly mother Celery Seed and toilet paper via Amazon.com. She could find neither in her local grocery store. Also, she’s not online so when she needs an Amazon order she goes through me.

I got an email today about the reopening date of my favorite hotel in Ocean City, MD. At the least, the note made me feel like life getting back to normal is slogging ahead. My original plan was to go to the beach in August. I guess that gives me time to see how the reopenings go. Fingers crossed.

How was your week?

That Tuesday during the pandemic when a house project moved forward

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

I spent my Tuesday at the computer keyboard like I seem to do every day during the current quarantine. The good thing about today is that I had some work done on the outside of my house. I’ll accept it as a small victory considering everything that’s going on with COVID-19. I was originally going to delay my house projects until things got back to normal. Then again, who knows when that’ll be.

Some other highlights of my Tuesday include:

  • Ocean City, MD is taking some small steps towards opening up this summer and I can’t put into words how much I’d like to have my feet in the sand at some point. I’m fine doing it a comfortable social distance from other beachgoers.
  • I had the motivation to get some exercise in which is always a good thing. My gym can’t reopen soon enough!
  • I’m still full of more personal blog post ideas than I have time to write with my schedule. My current plan is to outline out the ideas in spare moments so I have some preparation work and ideas written down in Google Docs.

I look forward to things picking up this week and remaining productive.

How was your Tuesday?

A case of the Mondays: COVID-19 edition

I wish I would have written down when my state shutdown because of COVID-19. While I remain thankful that I have a job and career that lets me work from home, It’s getting harder to track the days. I’m setting more reminders, referring to my calendar more, and at peace knowing that I can always ask Alexa what’s the date and time when I wake up.

Anyhow, I blew off this blog last week but for excellent reason. Work got busy. I also had a pitch hit in a new market and had to get writing. Then I had a TechTarget deadline for SearchCloudComputing. Writing is one thing that takes my mind off of being stuck at home because of COVID-19.

Here’s how my Monday went:

  • I woke up this morning and knew what day it was without having to ask Alexa, so I’ll take that as a win.
  • I had a productive Monday at work and made two deadlines.
  • I had the energy, and motivation to exercise before I ate dinner.
  • The governor of Virginia — a politician I can’t respect — alluded to the state might enter the first stage of opening up on May 15th and I hope to the heart of hearts he’s not playing around.

Along the way, my Pandemic beard is really growing in after a few weeks of not shaving. If only I could grow a man bun too, but I think that’s too much to hope for at my age. #JustKidding

How did Monday treat you?

It’s another Sunday not so fun day

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Sunday is not so fun of a day when you’re in self-isolation because of COVID-19 I’ve come to see. At least, I woke up this morning and knew it was Sunday.

Here’s how I spent another Sunday, not so fun day:

  • I got caught up on some work for my day job that I didn’t get done on Friday before I clocked out.
  • I cooked fajitas after being able to piece together the ingredients. The food supply chain appears to be improving in Northern Virginia though I seem to have eat off-brand (successfully for the most part) compared to what I would buy during normal times.
  • I baked orange cranberry muffins (from a box) after not baking anything for eons.

I’m growing a pandemic beard as a personal project. While it’s growing in evenly, it’s showing a lot of gray hair. No worries because I wear a mask when I do go out now. I’ll probably shave it off when life gets back to normal or maybe not depending on how it turns out.

Did you find any fun on your pandemic Sunday?