It’s another Sunday not so fun day

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Sunday is not so fun of a day when you’re in self-isolation because of COVID-19 I’ve come to see. At least, I woke up this morning and knew it was Sunday.

Here’s how I spent another Sunday, not so fun day:

  • I got caught up on some work for my day job that I didn’t get done on Friday before I clocked out.
  • I cooked fajitas after being able to piece together the ingredients. The food supply chain appears to be improving in Northern Virginia though I seem to have eat off-brand (successfully for the most part) compared to what I would buy during normal times.
  • I baked orange cranberry muffins (from a box) after not baking anything for eons.

I’m growing a pandemic beard as a personal project. While it’s growing in evenly, it’s showing a lot of gray hair. No worries because I wear a mask when I do go out now. I’ll probably shave it off when life gets back to normal or maybe not depending on how it turns out.

Did you find any fun on your pandemic Sunday?

Self-isolation: The good and the bad

Photo by Mish Vizesi on Unsplash

After four + weeks of social isolation, I still say it’s challenging even for a person like me who enjoys their time alone.  I continue to put one foot in front of the other and move forward.

Here’s how I’m seeing self-isolation:

The good

  • I’ve been full of ideas for personal writing projects that I plan to publish on this blog, LinkedIn, or Medium.
  • I have the time to read a lot more.
  • I have a job and a career that lets me work from home.
  • I’m still writing about the cloud and DevOps for TechTarget.

The bad

  • I continue to feel like my wings are clipped because I’m stuck at home.
  • My days are bleeding together and my first words on some mornings are “Alexa, what day is it?”
  • I can’t get to the gym and struggle to find the motivation to exercise at home
  • Grocery shopping remains a challenge because there are still some shortages in my area that make it hard to experiment with new recipes which were part of my plan to pass the time.

How is self-isolation going for you?