Surviving the impending MDM market consolidation

Citrix acquired Zenprise. IBM acquired Fiberlink. Then VMware acquired AirWatch. Microsoft turned around and launched the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite. These four market events may indeed shape the future of the Mobile Device Management (MDM) market by sparking even further MDM market consolidation. Jason Frye, senior director, Office of the CTO at BMC Software says:… Continue reading Surviving the impending MDM market consolidation

The datacenter: Foundation of BYOD

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs have given rise to all sorts of solutions and consultants striving to protect the corporate enterprise and data ownership while providing the best possible user experience. However, too often, the corporate datacenter is overlooked in BYOD planning. This is unfortunate, because the datacenter is truly is the foundation of a successful BYOD… Continue reading The datacenter: Foundation of BYOD